12 January 2011

Reading and Writing and Cooking.

I am teaching English again. Yay for that!

Also, yesterday and the day before, I submitted a short story and two poems to the good people of, respectively, Strange Horizons and Goblin Fruit respectively. Also, at some point last week, I discovered Enchanted Conversations, which looks like a pretty swingin' place.

I am still in the midst of The Wizard Knight, which is good but is sometimes so good it makes me a bit nauseous. To it, however, I have added Tess of the d'Urbervilles, which is like "The Waste Land," if it decided to go in drag as a late Victorian novel.

The cooking part, of course, comes from last night, when I made a baked chicken that was acclaimed by its consumers. I used rosemary, black pepper and a mix of olive oil and white wine (with more wine than oil), and baked the chicken legs with chopped up apples and onions. I served it with cabbage, and said I was Polish.

It worked, except for the pretending to be Polish part.

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