21 July 2012

Poetry! (no. 2)

So, in awesome news:  My poem Dover Crossing is live over at Goblin Fruit, who are most wonderful and lovely people and run a beautiful website. I am honored to share the pages of the Summer issue with Sonya Taaffe, Mari Ness and a plethora of other poets.

I also recently completed my 100 Sonnets project. Please check it out; I'm trying to figure out which ones are good so I can collect them into some kind of collection.

And on a less poetic note, I urge you with the greatest of hortations (a new words!) to have a look at the works of Cameron Summers, whose real life acquaintance I recently made but of whose works I have long been a fan. I highly recommend that you have a look at his newly-finished long-form project Patterns in Noise; it's all there, so you won't have to wait for the ending like some of us.

In other news, I'm at my parents' house until August, and that is about it.