06 January 2011

Good news and scones.

Sounds like Alexander McCall Smith has taken over my blog, doesn't it? Well, he hasn't -- sorry to say -- so you're stuck with me.

The good news:  The good people of Eternal Haunted Summer have accepted my poem, "Clotho's Favor." It will be in their Vernal Equinox '11 issue. Look for it!

The scones:  Yesterday, I made up a recipe for orange scones. (However, note should be made that "scones," when I make them, are rather more like small, flat cakes than anything else.) They are the finest scones I have ever made, and I will post a recipe eventually.

That's pretty much it. Listening to a lot of Native Nod lately, and finishing up Gene Wolfe's The Wizard Knight. More notes on that to follow.

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