08 March 2011

Review-kus and some other poetry stuff.

I've done a lot of reading lately, so I will discuss the things I've read by making up some haikus about them. Here they are.

Les Anges De├žus by Catherine Locandro
A book read in French
With unnamed cities sweating --
Tenseness washed by rain.

The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie
This book is too cool
For this form -- more to come soon.
Blood, mud and swords win.

Pavel Florensky:  A Quiet Genius by Avril Pyman
Science and belief
Mingled in this great, brave man,
Undaunted by frost.

Rose Demonics:  Poems, 1936-1963 by Elliot Coleman
Of Eliot, Pound, et. al.,
Coleman's verse is strong.

The Tain, trans. Ciaran Carson
Carson's translation
Has more plot than Kinsella's;
Less mythic strangeness. 

Two other books were also read during my school's half-term break; these are reviewed at greater length here. Thank you, The Fortnightly Review (New Edition) for giving me the privilege of writing for you.

Also, please bear in mind, ladies and gentle-bugs, that my poem "Clotho's Favor" will be appearing in the Spring Equinox issue of Eternal Haunted Summer. Please go and marvel at the fine writing available there. Other stories and poems are in the submissions pipeline and will hopefully be appearing various other places shortly. (I hope.)

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