20 March 2011

Poem! (et cetera)

So, the good people at Eternal Haunted Summer have published my poem, "Clotho's Favor." You should definitely go and read it, which you can do here.

Also, there's some messed up things going on with history repeating itself. Like this story from the Wall Street Journal. Debtors' prison? Seriously, America? For one thing, it's pretty pointless; for another, the Founding Fathers were ag'in 'em. I'll find some citations for that, but it's one of the major issues that made people not want to stay in England. So it seems bizarre to trot that old nag out now, of all times. It's pretty weird.

In other news, I'm reading L'Homme Qui Rit by Victor Hugo. I'm reading it for entirely the wrong reasons, but that's okay:  It's still very good. I'm also going to be reviewing another collection of poetry for The Fortnightly Review (new edition), but shhh! Trade secret!

Anyway, I'll have more to say about things later.

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