09 November 2010


My long-time internet friend Cameron Summers just posted a story of mine that was recently rejected (very cruelly) by some Frenchies. You can read it (along with many of his wonderful writings) here:

A Tail

Other than that, I'm almost finished reading this. Good stuff. My translation (by C.W. Rolt, which is not the one behind the link, unfortunately) has excellent footnotes. Very confusing, though, in that "Is this a drill bit in my temple? Or is't a drill bit of the mind?" kind of way.

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  1. Interesting story - I'm not familiar with any mythical creatures with tail-fingers, but it's a big world out there.

    The magical realism and slow build of the story really appeal to my sensibilities. Thanks for letting Cam share it.

  2. Thank you for reading it! I haven't found any mythical creatures with tail-fingers either, but... it worked for me. I'm really glad you enjoyed it!