02 June 2012


So, my life has had a lot of poetry in it lately, what with the ridiculously-well-doing One Hundred Sonnets project (over 900 pageviews, which, for the record, is only about 300 shy of this blogs entire two-year lifespan), the generation of sonnets for that project, these awesome poetry readings, and, because of the preceding poetry reading, the honor of taking part in this, or rather, the poetry night attached thereto. It's going to be my first non-open mic reading, and I'm both excited and nervous. What do you wear for that, anyway?

I have all As. Some of them are A-s, but I can't really complain, since even with those, my GPA is up 2/100s from last semester. This isn't really important to anyone other than me, but I'm pretty psyched. (That had nothing to do with poetry.)

Also, please keep your eyes on this site that has rejected me on numerous occasions -- though always in the best of grace, and for the best of reasons -- because sometime this summer we may find that they have changed their minds a little.

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