20 July 2011

More Review-ku (and some news).

This must be one of the silliest things I've ever gotten up to, but I've been reading and listening to and watching a lot of stuff lately, so it should be fun.

The Women (2008)
Silliness, Eva
Mendes, beaches cannot replace
Wit and honesty.

Hold Your Color -- Pendulum
Mario music?
Perhaps -- fond memory of
Moonish night ensues.

Black Death (2010)
Sean Bean is always
The same character. Message?
Everyone/thing sucks.

Inkheart (2008)
Italian hills
Were ne'er so bleak. Dustfinger
Makes my life better.

Heroes (Seasons 1-2)
Loads of characters
With tight plots and handsome men?

XO / Either/Or -- Elliott Smith
Sad songs, happy tunes:
Dichotomy is greatness.
Birdlike, my soul lifts.

Did I mention that during a recent stage (kind of a cross between a summer camp and, in the case of the school where I work, an intensive language course) I taught haiku to little French boys? We had fun.

Also, you should definitely be reading The Lorelei Signal. Not only will they be publishing one of my stories(!!!), they already have great stuff (so if anything, I'll be lowering the tone of their whole operation). Norn by Jeremiah Job Levine has knitting in it, and is therefore automatically awesome.

You should also be reading this excellent review in The Fortnightly Review of Robert Wilson's new piece. The review itself is good reading, and provides a succinct and thoughtful commentary on what it actually means to be modern. 

...And as if this blog weren't erratic enough as it is, I'm going to London in the gap between July and August. EPIC WINTIMES.

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