13 May 2011

Linky Dinks 2: Dreams Come True (and some review-ku)

In my ongoing series of blog-posts that-are-mostly-collections-of-links, here is one that starts off with cool news:  My review of Alasdair Paterson's On the Governing of Empires is up over at the Fortnightly Review! Such a wonderful collection of poems... I hope I was positive enough.

Also, since I've been watching a lot of movies lately, notice must be taken of the two most recent:  Breathless and Assassin in Love, a.k.a. The Baker.

In over-rated
Films, French people kill each other
While cameras dance.

Assassin in Love
Wales is too pretty,
But village silliness wins.
Michael Gambon, too.

I should probably mention, in connection with the latter, that it was very, very good, in spite of its crap title. Tight, funny and nicely shot (and featuring exploding sheep), it was well worth the watching. I highly recommend it. (Also, Michael Gambon, for whom I have quite a thing.) It reminded me a little of In Bruges, and, while not displacing that as one of my favorite movies, is certainly one I'll watch again.

Also, I have recently discovered the dubious joys of Esben and the Witch, and I would like to note that I say "dubious" in the sense of, "There's joy in those people?" Kind of ambient, pretty much all awesome, the band takes its name from a Danish fairy tale. Awesome as that is, it has nothing on the video for their lead single from the album Violet Cries, "Marching Song." Seriously, watch that thing. It's about as close to a film version of a Joe Abercrombie novel as you can get without just making a big damn movie of the First Law Trilogy.

That's about it, for now. Hopefully, more cool stuff will be showing up here. Who can say?

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